Thursday, 27 October 2011

Could I consolidate a payday loan to lower my payments?

Question by sweet pea: may i consolidate a payday loan to lower my payments? i need out a payday loan some nevertheless my hours got cut at work so i maynot induce the complete payments so i was late a a couple of times as well as that need my loan up to 3x higher it is just like the loan is about to never go away i just would like to to lower my payments they stated i may refinance the loan by them as for lower payments some nevertheless that specificly induces the loan although higher as well as long timeer to pay off Best answer: Answer by Srinivasan Payday loans are the all of costliest overes in terms of the sort of of interest they charge as well as overe should never go to them except whenever you have virtually no another options available. Having stated this, method out as for you would be to ascertain out some another lender by whose you may refinance this loan as for a much method much method lower interest rate.Otherwise it would not induce sense. Add your own answer in the comments!